The New View System

FTI brings technology to an industry that has not kept pace, and is therefore rife with risk for fiduciary institutions managing trusts.



Today, the trust is viewed as a passive folder waiting to be opened and managed by trust personnel.

The broad language of most trusts usually grants the trustee control over all assets, and gives them complete decision-making authority.  The trustee must balance the broadly-defined, or even ill-defined, beneficiary interests with the institution's resulting exposure to liability.

Often, a significant gap develops between the grantor's original wishes and the trust's actual accomplishments.


 Trust oversight with FTI's New View program is easier less risky for the trustee and fiduciary institution, and provides a framework around which to design the asset management strategy.

Our sophisticated software program captures the specific wishes of estate planners and grantors, setting the stage for trust management that accomplishes exactly what the grantor wants the trust to do.

We provide you with a new generation of tools which allow for the automation of many of the administrative tasks associated with trust management.

Our system feeds the grantor's information into a program that makes the trust a live document, just waiting for external events (triggers) and input from trust personnel.  It becomes a dynamic program that can initiate actions on its behalf.



Banks and fiduciary institutions are at risk on at least four levels of trust administration:

1. from the trust language itself

2. from failure to map goals of the trust to implementation plans

3. from failure to implement trusts in accordance with grantor's goals

4. failure to execute trusts within the parameters of the trust and the law



The Risk of Trusts

The New View of Trusts

The New View System

  • Step One-Enter Info
  • Step Two-Design the Trust
  • Step Three-Registration Service
  • Step Four-Implementation Map
  • Step Five-Legal Constraints
  • Step Six-Ongoing Execution

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