Step Four-Implementation Map

Step Four - Implementation Map


The trust modules of service link to an automated administrative program that reads the trust and maps out the following:

  • Distribution schedules

  • Beneficiary data, such as gifts, constraints, wants, needs, expectancies, and more

  • Asset data, including type, constraints, location, income, loss, management requirements, etc.

  • Goals

  • Constraints

  • Trigger events

  • Administrative requirements

  • Implementation pathways

  • Contingencies

  • Investment overlay


This system will allow banks and financial institutions to track trust administration electronically, thereby reducing individual mistakes and inconsistensies.

The Implementation Map will allow for consistent, trackable and predictable decision-making will reduce subjective or arbitrary decisions.

Automated trust administration is not just on the horizon, it is here.  This system will provide a new revenue path for institutions wishing to gain a portion of the upcoming $45 trillion transfer of wealth that is soon to happen.


The Risk of Trusts

The New View of Trusts

The New View System

  • Step One-Enter Info
  • Step Two-Design the Trust
  • Step Three-Registration Service
  • Step Four-Implementation Map
  • Step Five-Legal Constraints
  • Step Six-Ongoing Execution

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  • Over the next 50 years $45 trillion will be transferred to heirs and charities via estates - the largest wealth transfer in history.

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