Step Three-Registration Service

Step Three - Register the trust electronically


The trust will be electronically registered and maintained in a secure system so it can be amended, maintained, accessed and administered as directed by the grantor.

Advantages to the bank:

  • Trusts, amendments and critical documents are stored electronically and accessible from multiple locations

  • Legal and regulatory compliance is mapped into the system, monitoring the administration of each trust


The Risk of Trusts

The New View of Trusts

The New View System

  • Step One-Enter Info
  • Step Two-Design the Trust
  • Step Three-Registration Service
  • Step Four-Implementation Map
  • Step Five-Legal Constraints
  • Step Six-Ongoing Execution

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  • Over the next 50 years $45 trillion will be transferred to heirs and charities via estates - the largest wealth transfer in history.

    How much will be siphoned by trustees...lost to estate taxes...lost to administrative fees or lawyers fees...other fees?

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    What kinds of investments should be made with the money under management?

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